If you’re anything like me, you are EXCITED about back-to-school! Don’t get me wrong, I love having my 3 kids home in the summer – but the craziness of trying to juggle camps, kids at home (ie…keeping them busy and OFF screens), playdates, vacation and work leaves me feeling a bit overwhelmed by the end of August. By Sept, the kids (and I!) are ready to get back to school.

That first week, I am so organized! Kids have new shoes & school supplies and I have a fridge full of easily accessible foods for my 14, 13, & 10-year-old to make their own lunches. This lasts about a week. Maybe 2. By the end of September, my fridge is EMPTY, and my kids are complaining…. what do we have to EAT!!!????

Sound familiar???

This morning, (no, I am not lying…this ACTUALLY HAPPENED this morning), my 10-year old was desperate for food and I sent him to the freezer to grab a container of soup. He warmed it in the microwave and poured it into his little stainless-steel thermos to bring to school. He was happy – I was happy! A warm healthy lunch in 4 minutes flat.
How do you other busy moms make it through school lunches??? Or meals, for that matter? SOOO challenging to get a healthy meal on the table quickly enough to feed these ravenous trampoline-jumping, baseball-playing, mountain-bike-riding bodies!

I make soup on the weekends and use it mostly for lunches. I freeze them in individual containers and take them to work to microwave every day – and I mean, EVERY day. When life gets hairy, I buy my soup. Yes, that’s right…I am the co-director of a soup enterprise and I buy the soup here. It’s good soup, people!!! It’s a meal on the table for my family of 5 for under $20.00 including  soup and some yummy buns to throw in with it. You can’t beat it!

We even deliver to your door if you’re desperate to fill the freezer with some healthy pouches to feed those bellies. Click here to buy some https://shop.therawcarrot.com/….I promise you won’t regret it 😊