Amberly – Innerkip Presbyterian Church

“I’ve always loved working with people and getting to know them personally. I have a special place in my heart for people who are marginalized, but that have so much to give when you get to know them. I’m excited to have the opportunity to empower them to be their best.  I love sharing God’s heart with others so that people know that they are important to Jesus and deeply loved.”

Leah Brown –  Stirling Ave Mennonite Church

I am very excited to be a part of the Raw Carrot team! I’ve worked with Mennonite Central Committee for several years and have always loved the dedication the staff bring to this program. I’ve been a long-time customer of The Raw Carrot soups and am thrilled to not only enjoy the soup but now work in the kitchen as well.

Knowing that I am contributing to meaningful employment for our staff is my passion for taking this role. I can’t wait to “peel for change” with the Raw Carrot team!

Karen McWilliams – Paris Presbyterian Church

“I had a lifetime career in the financial industry and over the last several years had been praying for the Lord to lead me on a new journey. I have a great passion for cooking and wanted to use that in the non for profit sector. I knew Colleen Graham and met with her to see how I could support The Raw Carrot.

The Lord led me to the Raw Carrot in His time and for His purpose. I volunteered in the kitchen for a time and then the call came that the Paris location need a Kitchen Manager. I gain far more than I give at The Raw Carrot. It so nice to be working in a totally different capacity and in a Christian environment. I can openly share my faith!!! I have made some wonderful friendships with both staff and volunteers, and picked up some great cooking tips and recipes.

I’m very excited to be a part of this team, and supporting change in the lives of our employee’s, volunteers and customers!”

Lynne Felkar – Mount Forest United Church

This is my joy job; as one of the readings this past Sunday reminded us, (and I’m paraphrasing) ‘a rich man will find it as easy to get into heaven as a camel through the eye of a needle’. It’s not about our earthly riches. And I couldn’t agree more; God provides. When I joined The Raw Carrot, I thought I was in desperate need of some income, but that didn’t last long. Instead, I found a group of kind, and caring ladies. Imagine a job where you have a voice, and regularly are aware that you are appreciated! A workplace where you wish you could do more; The Raw Carrot is just that place for me. I have been paid in ways that have nothing to do with money, but are worth so much more to me.