Our Team

About the Staff

Staff at The Raw Carrot come to us with a wide variety of life experiences, however, they all have one thing in common, they all want to work! 100% of our staff (other than Site Manager) are supported by social assistance for a variety of reasons. The Raw Carrot provides on-the-job training, support for kitchen certifications and a work environment that is flexible. Some of our staff will use their experience at The Raw Carrot to springboard into other roles with other employers and some of our staff will continue to keep their permanent part-time job with The Raw Carrot long term.

Some Of Our Raw Carrot Staff Over The Years!

Amanda McNamara

Amanda McNamara speaks about chopping rutabaga and lots of carrots in The Raw Carrot kitchen! Work makes her happy; she gets to hang out with people she likes and it gives her something to do. Working at The Raw Carrot has changed her life by giving her money to help with bills, food, pets, groceries, and buying things for her mom. She likes the job, “It’s pretty happy in The Raw Carrot kitchen”.

Melanie McNamara

Melanie McNamara like Raw Carrot Soups, especially the Carrot and Chicken Noodle! She’s worked for almost 2 years and has said, “it’s awesome being paid! You get to laugh and talk about hard stuff in life and make those things feel better.”

Kathy Thompson

Kathy Thompson feels like she’s making a difference working selling soup on Thursday evenings. She enjoys filling orders and meeting new people. She is learning to use the iPad. She didn’t think she could catch on, but is comfortable now using it. Her work at The Raw Carrot, “gives her something to look forward to for the day and it gives people on disability a chance to improve themselves”.

Lori Nason

Lori Nason talks about connection and how staff at The Raw Carrot are there for each other if they have problems. She explains how The Raw Carrot provides a foundation for people on ODSP to help support people financially and gives each of them an opportunity to learn, “The Raw Carrot is fun – it’s like a big family and we care about each other.”

Ryan Fitzpatrick

Ryan Fitzpatrick says, “The Raw Carrot is REAL soup – soup that your grandma makes… wholesome, and homemade. We make a great product and each person in the kitchen is important in the process. The end result changes if a certain staff member is not in the kitchen.”

Paul Schiedel

Paul Schiedel is a calm, cool collected guy. He enjoys learning new things and making a difference being involved at The Raw Carrot. Over the past 2 years, he has increased his culinary skills. He feels that working at The Raw Carrot has enabled him to be, “more independent, helps pay bills…and puts a little extra cash in my pocket!”

Heather Moore

New staff member Heather Moore chops a lot of carrots – maybe 7 or 8 bags per day! The atmosphere is friendly at The Raw Carrot; “People get along and I feel happy working there”.