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Peeling for Change

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Gourmet Soups

Can one bowl of soup help change the world?

The Raw Carrot is a social franchise that partners with churches and nonprofits across Ontario to create meaningful employment for individuals on the Ontario Disability Support Program. The vehicle through which this happens is the preparation, cooking and sales of handcrafted gourmet soup in local communities.

Together, we are “Peeling for Change”.

You can make a difference

Every purchase of gourmet soup helps those in need. Your choice to “buy social” gives people in your community a job, while you feed your family a healthy meal.

Buy Soup. Create Jobs. Simple!

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Our healthy soups are handcrafted in small batches, packed with tasty veggies and free of added preservatives. Fresh ingredients are sourced as locally as possible. Shop our 8 delicious soups now!

In the News

Learn how we’ve been making a difference in local communities across Ontario. Check out these articles and videos that have featured our work.