How it Works:

10 new soups (1 per month) will be available in LIMITED quantities, but will be guaranteed for those in our “Soup of the Month Club.”


 How to Join:

1) Sign up! (online or through a Raw Carrot kitchen location)

2) Wait (with bated breath!) for your email to let you know your monthly soup is ready

3) Pick up your soup!*


* The early birds get the worm! The first 3 people to sign up to the Soup-of-the-Month club with the discount code “Newsletter Loyalty” will receive $10.00 off their soup club membership purchase.



Go to: to sign up online or contact your nearest kitchen location to ask any questions, sign up on location and get some tasty soup!

Paris area:

Mt Forest area:

Kitchener area:

Woodstock area:



The Fine Print

Membership in the Soup-of-the-Month club guarantee’s your purchase of soup, which you’ll need to pop by and pick up each month when it’s ready. 

If you’d like FREE delivery of your soup-of-the-month soup, please place a monthly order from the online store ($35.00 minimum) and we’ll deliver the soup with your order.