We have a very dedicated and hardworking group of volunteers! Our volunteers believe that their job is to support our staff in all aspects of their jobs, including skill development and quality control. At times, our staff are unable to work for one reason or another and our amazing volunteers step into the staff’s role so that the business can continue and the staff have a job to return to when they are ready.


We would LOVE for you to partner with us!

The Raw Carrot thrives due to the partnership of many groups and individuals who devote their time and energy to helping us. We are thrilled to have many hands involved (or many wooden spoons in the pot, so to say!)

There are a number of different ways to help:

1. Cry in the kitchen…oops! I mean peel and chop many pounds of onions!

We often need assistance in the kitchen from around 9:30 – 12:00, or 1:30 – 3:30. This could be an ongoing commitment, or a very occasional ‘shift’ when we need an extra pair of hands.

2. Help sell soup at Maker’s Markets

Do you enjoy being with people and the busyness of a bustling craft show? We often need help selling soup on a Saturday or Sunday for a few hours.

3. Join a Fundraising Team

The Raw Carrot has income from the sales of soup, but we still required donations and financial support to make ends meet. If you have amazing organizational skills and would like to join a team to create an event, we would love your help!

4. Donate some veggies!

If you have a garden and could donate some fresh veggies, that would be an amazing way to support our program. We can’t take teeny tiny ones b/c it takes too long to peel and chop them, but good sized varieties of vegetables that we use would be greatly appreciated. Please contact us (519 865-1965), for more info on this.

5. Help to Grow our Vision in Ontario

Each Raw Carrot site has a set of volunteers and our Raw Carrot Headquarters (in Paris Ontario) also thrives with the help of volunteers. If you have an interest in helping to grow our larger vision in business development, sales, marketing, video production, or fundraising we’d love to hear from you. You can contact us at info@.therawcarrotcom. 

6. Speaking of the Wish List

There are loads of ways that we would like to grow so that we can employ more people. If you are looking to make a larger donation, please let us know and we can send you our Wish List. We are able to offer charitable receipts for monetary donations or new items purchased with receipts.

• Your gift of $50 provides the ability to improve and upgrade the staff’s kitchen tools – better knives, better chopping!
• Your gift of $120 provides culinary skills training for 1 staff member
• Your gift of $198 buys carrots for 1-month worth of gourmet soup – that a lot of carrots!