Volunteer Story: Alan Oaks

“When I retired 10 years ago, I wanted to donate some of my newly found free time to volunteer work so that I could play a small role in changing peoples lives for the good. I knew our world; our community has urgent issues. Volunteering would give me a personal feeling of satisfaction, I would connect with people, make new friends and make me more appreciative of what I have. I found the perfect organization to volunteer at in the Raw Carrot at the Paris Presbyterian Church. Their slogan “Can one bowl of soup help change the world?” really changes the world of its employees. They want to work and it gives them purpose and the feeling of accomplishment. They get regular well-deserved paycheques to add quality to their lives. The environment in the Raw Carrot kitchen is inclusive, and those productive employees produce delicious soups which the community enthusiastically enjoys. It’s all a “positive” and I look forward to my next shift at the Raw Carrot.”