Over the last 5 years, The Raw Carrot has been working to find ways for our customers to have better access to our handcrafted soups. Initially sold at local fairs and Marker’s Markets, our soup sales then expanded to select Farmboy locations and locally owned gourmet grocery stores (Vincenzo’s in Kitchener was a huge highlight for us!) in Southwestern Ontario.

When we were approached to pitch our product to Sobey’s, we were SO excited. The possibilities for distribution on a larger scale made this move an easy choice. Amazing soup from the Raw Carrot is now listed in many Sobey’s and Foodland stores close to each Raw Carrot location. It is up to each local store to bring it in for their local customers (so, if you want to see us there, just ask the grocery manager when the soup is coming!).

We’re so thrilled with Sobey’s commitment to finding small scale producers and working with them to get their products to market. For us little guys, it’s a bit of a daunting task (massive understatement!), but working with them has been a very rewarding experience and they’ve been extremely responsive. We can’t wait for our customers to have better access to our gourmet soup made fresh each week in their local stores. If you can’t find our soup, just ask your local Sobey’s or Foodland – we’ll be making our way into a freezer section near you!