Securing Employment & Providing Meals: What Brookfield Residential’s Donation Means in a Time of Need

The Raw Carrot Soup Enterprise and The Salvation Army’s Local Food Bank are beneficiaries of a generous donation from Brookfield Residential. With this gift, hours of meaningful employment and 750 meals for our local community have been secured.

There is no doubt that the economic impact of COVID-19 has been felt across various industries and socio-economic levels. However, there has been a clear stress on local foodbanks to ensure those who are most vulnerable have access to healthy, wholesome meals.

Today, The Raw Carrot is pleased to celebrate a donation from Brookfield Residential which secures more than 750 meals, of the Raw Carrot’s hand-crafted, gourmet soup, to be donated to The Salvation Army.

This donation has had double the impact. Not only is it helping many in our community access healthy, hand-crafted food it has also provided meaningful employment for members of our community through the creation of this soup at The Raw Carrot Soup Enterprise. It was truly a win-win investment in our community.

As a social enterprise, The Raw Carrot Soup Enterprise provides meaningful employment for those living with physical, mental, and developmental disabilities. The organization aims to provide dignified work for those who would not thrive in a traditional work environment. With Brookfield Residential’s donation this bulk purchase of food resulted in the need for additional staff hours, meaning access to nearly 2 weeks of additional meaningful employment for the 10 staff members at The Raw Carrot’s Paris location.

“Now, more than ever, we are aware of the power of meaningful employment. Many of our staff, who are struggling with mental, physical, and developmental disabilities, were extremely isolated during the peak of COVID. As we worked to create new health and safety procedures and lean on our donors, we were pleased to welcome our staff back to the kitchen – cooking at a safe social distance. We saw the power of community, social interaction, and support firsthand. We also saw the significant need for community supports like food banks as people struggled with reduced income, including our staff when they were unable to work, which is why Brookfield’s support is so impactful right now”

Rebecca Sherbino, Director The Raw Carrot.

“We are very grateful for this significant donation from Brookfield Residential.  This sizable donation shows an astounding commitment to address poverty in our community especially during the covid-19 pandemic.  This is an incredible example of how businesses can make an impact to address poverty in our community.

William Ratelband, Community and Family Services Coordinator, The Salvation Army – Ontario Great Lakes Division

“Brookfield Residential is proud to support The Raw Carrot and The Salvation Army in their ongoing philanthropic efforts to positively impact the community at large. We take great pride in partnering with local organizations and initiatives such as this, in an effort to actively contribute to the communities in which we build.” Brookfield Residential

In a time of challenges and difficult news, it is a good news story like this, which highlights corporations and non-profits coming together in a collaborative effort to benefit our local community, that demonstrates the power of collaboration and the importance of generosity in a time of struggle.

About The Raw Carrot Soup Enterprise

The Raw Carrot Soup Enterprise is a social enterprise focused on the creation of hand-made, gourmet soup all with the goal of providing meaningful employment for individuals currently living on the Ontario Disability Support Program. The Raw Carrot recognizes the power of meaningful employment, and has grown to 4 locations (Paris, Waterloo, Woodstock, and Mt. Forest) in six short years and continues to provide employment for individuals living with mental, physical, and developmental disabilities.

About The Salvation Army 

The Salvation Army is an international Christian organization that began its work in Canada in 1882. As the largest non-governmental direct provider of social services in Canada, The Salvation Army provides unprecedented support for the community’s most vulnerable.

The Salvation Army Brantford Community & Family Services has been assisting marginalized families in the community of Brantford over three decades. 

About Brookfield Residential 

Brookfield Residential is a premier homebuilder with over 60 years of making dreams real for families across Ontario. Known for their award-winning communities, Brookfield Residential applies the highest possible standards in creating exceptional neighbourhoods. Find out more: