A little while ago, I went for a walk with Jim Estill – a Canadian entrepreneur, executive and Philanthropist, who is currently the President and CEO of Danby Appliances. I wanted to pick his brain on social enterprise growth for The Raw Carrot. Jim’s advice to scale? Leverage the resources you have.

With the help of his workforce, Jim was able to sponsor 50 Syrian refugee families to Canada. He already had workers and he already had trucks to carry supplies to settle families into their homes. He utilized both to scale his initiative and do amazing work for good.

When we looked around at our community, we saw people of faith – United Churches, Presbyterian Churches and Mennonite Churches so far! – willing to donate the use of the commercial kitchen at their church for the ministry and work of the Raw Carrot. Sometimes, it’s not about finding more. It’s about looking around at what you already have…and who you already have around you, to achieve more than what you can accomplish on your own.