“The Raw Carrot loves to share stories of how our social enterprise is having an impact on our staff; making their lives better. But this story is how the Raw Carrot has impacted me; Manager of the site for the passed 3 yrs.


I worked in the financial industry for over 30yrs. In between those years I owned and operated a Retail store, and studied to be a chef at George Brown Collage. I have been a disciple of the Lord’s my whole life. I have continually leaned on the Lord for direction in my life, and while I was in Banking my knees were raw praying for something bigger and better. I couldn’t image finishing my working years at the Bank. I’d done some catering, small events and weddings, but I really wanted to run a soup kitchen.


God is a God who answers prayer. I was let go from the bank in 2015 and it took a couple of years for me to start my second career. Yes that’s right The Raw Carrot is my career; my vocation. It’s not just a part-time job!


I knew Colleen Graham and heard she was part of an amazing ministry in Paris. As they say the rest is history.


I truly believe that the Lord brought me to The Raw Carrot. It is a soup kitchen! Better then what I envisioned, but that’s not surprising that the Lord has better things planned for us!


I was hired as the Site Manager for Paris in the Fall of 2018; 3 yrs. The Raw Carrot has blessed me so much. I’ve grown in my understanding and compassion for those in our community who live with disabilities. My culinary skills, teaching and mentoring have gained depth. I’ve met and engaged in ministry with so many wonderful volunteers, from this church and the community. My faith has grown stronger by working for and in a Christian context.


I could go on and on about how blessed I am to be part of this organization, this Paris site, and this Church community, but I’ll stop. The Paris Raw Carrot site is the anchor or flag ship location for The Raw Carrot, and that’s due to this Church family, our volunteers and most importantly our staff! I’m living the dream! My experience at the Raw Carrot has changed my life; one bowl of soup at a time!” – Karen McWilliams, Paris Kitchen Manager