Innerkip Presbyterian Church


Innerkip Presbyterian Church and The Raw Carrot Soup Enterprise have teamed up to start a location in Woodstock.

Stay tuned to hear more details about their River of Life Downtown Ministry and the Raw Carrot ministry in that location.


IPC is located at 64 Blandford St. in Innerkip, Ont, and the River of Life Downtown Ministry is 415 Dundas Street in Woodstock, Ontario. 


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Community Partners

On our way....!

Innerkip is making headway on reaching it’s goal to complete a kitchen renovation and start a Raw Carrot site!

Joyce (in June) filling in the “Carrot Graph”. IPC has raised $44,333 of their target goal of $50,000 from the congregation! This brings them up to: 


Presbyterian Church of Canada             $20,000
Paris Presbytery                                        $50,750
Maple Leaf Community Fund                  $11,900
Innerkip Presbyterian Church                 $40,333
Total received (or promised) to date:  $122,983
Total needed                                            $166,000