Today we’re sharing an email that came in to the Raw Carrot inbox. This story (like so many others) literally brings me to tears. I only hope that The Raw Carrot can reach out to more people like Joanna to provide in income and community.

“Good Afternoon,

Recently I saw a post shared on fb about your company. I am really interested in learning more about your plans for Innerkip. 
I don’t have a current resumé. I have been on ODSP for over 10 years while raising my children and providing non-profit rescue services for dogs. 
However, my children grow up, prices for things rise and benefits lower. I’ve had to consider supplementing my income and have been watching job postings for almost a year… looking for anything I may be able to do. I’m terrified. Its overwhelming… for many reasons I feel you would understand working with ODSP recipients. This has given me the courage to reach out. 
My food service and kitchen experience is far in the past, but extensive. I’ve worked every position with regards to catering, from kitchen staff to event management. I’ve worked, managed and taught classes in office and school environments.  I’ve been a landscaping labourer and even delivered newspapers for a living. I can use photoshop to replace the family pet with a hippo 😉
So why am I not still doing those things?
I have been diagnosed with narcolepsy. I do not have cataplexy, so I do not collapse and I still have my license. I worked until about thirty when my condition peaked, my sleep disorders worsened and the downward spiral of exhaustion, cognitive impairment, physical weakness and depression began. I was simply beat. 
I am now looking for something quite part time and I would love to know more about how your company works, see if I fit in. I live right here.  My daughter’s school is right here. I’m excited about what you stand for. “