Rebecca Sherbino

With an undergraduate Degree in Global Development, Peace and Justice and a Master’s Degree in International Development, Rebecca has always had a passion for working with people. Living in 5 countries abroad and working for 4 years in Sustainable Community Development in Malawi and Sudan, Africa, she developed an acute awareness of the issues facing vulnerable and marginalized communities. Her work in developing countries fueled a desire to pursue justice for people both overseas and at home, which resulted in community advocacy in Paris. After adopting 2 children in Africa, Rebecca & her husband moved back to Canada to raise their young children; completing their family with the addition of 1 biological child. Frustrated by the lack of opportunities for work for teens and adults with mental health and learning disabilities in her church congregation, she and good friend (and co-director!) Colleen, were challenged to explore how to promote change within their local context. A late-night coffee date in May 2014 turned into a brainstorming session about the possibility of creating meaningful work for people with disabilities, and over the course of the evening, the idea of launching The Raw Carrot Soup Enterprise was born.