The Foundations that are a part of Stronger Together get it. They get the role their philanthropy has in shaping our communities. They understand the value of investing in models of real social change. And recently they chose to support The Raw Carrot Soup Enterprise. From our first interaction with the Stronger Together Family Foundations to our recent conversation with Nate Petersen, a third-generation philanthropist of a founding member of Stronger Together, it is clear that this organization is out to make an impact.

When I asked Nate about new position as a Program Director with the foundation (as a young and fresh face within the organization) and the changing face of philanthropy in Canada his answers were fascinating.

Nate’s personal interest is in “Next Gen” Philanthropy. The classic perception of a “philanthropist” – a serious person in a smoking jacket (his words, not mine!) – is totally not the case. The 2nd and 3rd generation philanthropists of these family foundations are “real people”, that have inherited a foundation and are modest people working day jobs. In the case of Stronger Together, about 25 people represent the 7 family Foundations that are involved. “I’m interested in communicating the difference in culture between what charities think of as donors and what the actual reality is”.

Some of the shifts in the younger donor culture amongst the group is that they want to be much more personable and break down the classist hierarchies; more communication oriented, Nate relates. “I like to reimagine what philanthropy can look like – that’s the part that’s exciting to me.”

Another shift amongst the Gen Z and younger Millennial philanthropists in the Stronger Together group is towards more grassroots, less established charities with new initiatives being tried, as well as a strong focus on social change.

This is clearly the case in their support of the Raw Carrot Soup Enterprise. Their support is helping our organization exponentially expand to more communities, build our community engagement and support a fundraising professional to help us grow our vision and mission. Ultimately, all of this means more jobs for people living with disAbilities and a movement towards true social change. Recognizing that effective organizational growth requires the right people, The Stronger Together Foundation is making an impact on what the future of the Raw Carrot will look like.

We can’t wait to keep Nate, members of the Stronger Together Foundation, and you – our partners – updated on our progress and the impact we are making in our communities. Without supporters like The Stronger Together Foundation, it’s difficult for organizations to have the bandwidth to expand in a significant way. To learn more about how you can join the Foundation and support The Raw Carrot’s vision for the future click here.

As for Nate’s advice to charities looking to apply to Stronger Together for funding? Adhere to simplicity. Applications that are easy to follow and where you can easily see the impact are those that rise above. Projects that are scalable with simple, measurable outcomes are “refreshing”.

“People are excited about something being invented in a new and exiting way – tradition combined with innovation.”

It seems like the perfect recipe for a foundation that merges the priorities and styles of various generations of family members and is pursuing a change in the culture of philanthropy in Canada.  Donors like The Stronger Together Foundation are shaking our sector up and making a real difference, and our hearts of full of gratitude for them and the work they are doing.