Art in its simplest form is a way to communicate. For Meagan, her art tells a story of growing confidence and excitement.

Through your support of The Raw Carrot, which has helped to create meaningful employment for Meagan at our Woodstock location, Meagan has gained confidence, skills, and friendship; her art tells this story.
Meagan lives with a Developmental DisAbility and has so since she was born.

Her disAbility has changed her life entirely and has presented her with many struggles throughout her life. Challenges from learning how to read, to feeling like the younger sister many times even though she is the oldest, have always made things a bit more difficult. But, having consistency in work and meaningful employment outside of her home has allowed her to thrive in her comfort zone.

Through Meagan’s artwork her confidence shines.

“The world should have more Raw Carrots, not just because they have good soup, but because it’s a good place to work”. ~ Meagan – IPC