Nick came into work recently moaning and groaning. So much so that Kitchen Manger Jenn Klassen thought that he might have fallen on the way to work. Nope! She was dead wrong. Nick relayed that he had spent the previous evening at a family wedding and was painfully sore from “too much dancing!”

As he relayed his story of being at the family wedding, Jenn was touched. “He told me that he was so happy to be there. It was so great to hang out with his cousins and family. But what he was really excited about was the fact that he was able to buy his OWN present for the wedding couple out of his OWN money” said Jenn.

Nick said that he “felt like a real person” at the wedding, like he “belonged” because he had something to talk about: his job. Without a job, it’s difficult to have a conversation. Life is pretty dull and there is not much to talk about. It’s hard to participate in a conversation when you have no stories and when people ask you what you do, there is no answer.

Nick is an amazing member of the team. Always a positive attitude and a smile. Through the support of individuals who see the Raw Carrot vision, Nick has found a place where he’s not invisible – he’s valued.