Colleen Graham

Helping people is the focus of Colleen’s life work. With an undergraduate degree in Nursing Science and a specialization in oncology nursing, Colleen has spent her time in education and in the workforce supporting individuals through the mirad of situations they are experiencing. Throughout her work Colleen has developed the ability to combine the science and business of healthcare with the care and compassion needed to truly heal. Throughout her career Colleen has served in a number of roles in healthcare including being an administrative director responsible for a multi-million dollar budget in a local regional cancer centre. In partnership with her husband and four children, Colleen believes that the best way to build up an individual is to improve the community within which they live. This is where the Raw Carrot was born. As a founding co-director of the Raw Carrot, Colleen has been able to utilize her business expertise and her understanding of team development to create, in partnership with Rebecca, a unique person focused business.