The Raw Carrot

Empowering Communities in Paris, Ontario

The Whythe-raw-carrot-7

Even though Paris is an affluent town, there are people on the margins. There are people who are functionally illiterate, others that have learning challenges, some that grew up in families of abuse or neglect and some with physical limitations or are living with mental illness. All of these individuals have something in common: the desire to live a purposeful life.

However, a traditional workplace, with a focus on maximizing profit, doesn’t always have room for physical, social or emotional needs. That’s why the Raw Carrot came into existence…to provide meaningful training and employment while celebrating diversity.

The How

The vision of The Raw Carrot is to hire individuals in Paris that are currently on social assistance or that have barriers to traditional employment to cook up healthy, homemade, fresh and frozen soups and stews that are sold to schools, seniors and others in the Paris community.

Proceeds from sales fund the salaries of the individuals participating. Through this initiative we aim to build self confidence and provide job training and job creation. The Raw Carrot emerged from a community Drop-In that Paris Presbyterian Church has been running since 2013, and runs as a ministry of Paris Presbyterian Church.


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